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About Membership

When you join MINORU WORLD membership once, It is very easy
to order just input your ID and PASSWORD instead of write down
every information when you order.

Of course it is possible for non-member to order, but you must
write down ORDER-NUMBER. It is necessary when you check your orders.

About Ordering

It appears detail information page, when you click a image of item you want.
Please check quantity, size, color and so on in that page,
and insert it into your card then move to next page automatically.

You must write down some information for delivery in Order Page.
Please don。ッt forget this because of it needs to send EMS.

It may not be show correctly credit-card payment page,
when you using program like security program, windows firewall
(windows XP service pack 2).
Please turn off that function to pay correctly.

About Payment

There。ッs only two payment way MINORU WORLD accept, is Credit-Card and
Please notice that it is impossible to use banking.

」ェPayment using CREDIT CARD

Every payment about your orders will be through Korean e-commerce
payment gateway company PayGate(

The Payment data that you write down, is protected with one of the
highest available encryption levels(128-bit) and it does not allow
MINORU WORLD to access your information. So please set your mind at ease
and enjoy your shopping.

It shows not。クMINORU WORLD。ケbut。クPAYGATE。ケin credit-card specifications.

It may be possible the real price will change more or less because of
shopping from foreign country.
According to International Credit Card feature, in example,
if you order in 1st June, I have an exchange rate base on 1st June.
But card company in your country, will have an exchange rate after one weeks
in 7th June.
If an exchange rate on 7th, June raises, the actual payment will less
than when you order. In opposite, lower exchange rate on 7th, more
actual payment will be withdrawn.

(There。ッs no interest relation between MINORU WORLD)

This is not only for MINORU WORLD but also every internet shop who trade
foreign country, please understand this.

In MINORU WORLD, an exchange rate will be updated to current rate automatically.


PAYPAL ( ) is a simple and easy payment method which remitt from your account to another country's.
First, you must join in PAYPAL service, and register your information.
If you want to make a payment with PAYPAL, please check your price in menu at top of main page.
And, you can send the money to

」ェPostal Money Order

It is the way that deliver from post office in your country to target country.
It is safe as international remittance banking, so set your mind at ease who
do not have credit card, or can。ッt pay through credit card.

If you want to know more about this, please refer to 。ョFAQ。ッ in top menu.

About Shipping & Delivery

It will be delivered to EMS(Express Mail Service) safely within 3 days
after checking payment.(except Saturday, Sunday include public holidays)

The Shipping charge is 1000 yen to Japan, HongKong, Taiwan.
The other countries (USA, FRANCE etc) will be 2000 yen.
Delivery will takes 3-7 days according to country.

About Returns

When your goods are delivered, please check the items in detail.

If there。ッs a problem in item, you must notice me in e-mail within 7 days.
Please notice that it is not possible returns after 7 days.

。リ CAN NOT accept returns of items that any item that is used once.


If you have any question, please contact below.

Name」コJune Young Joo
Address」コGyunggido Goyangsi Ilsanseogu Gajwadong 1088 Gajwamaeul 305-1101 KOREA
ZIP Code 」コ411-803
E-Mail :。。
Phone No. :。。****-82-11-9768-3026
(**** will be different to telecom company。「cell phone : 011-9768-3026 in korea.)

  Company : MINORU WORLD
Address : Byucksan Halla Vivaldi 103-1202
Karam-maule, Woonjung A2 Block, Wadong-ri
Gyoha-eup, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Phone : ****-82-31-941-0809
Manager : June Young Joo
E-Mail :
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