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Ever Lunar
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  Ever Lunar
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Ever yours - Lunar

Type: Lunar Head, BF glamorous Beauty White skin Body
Eyes: BFE Glass Grey 20mm
Outfit: Ever yours - Designed By Marie Blossom / Mass Produce by Little Garden
Outfit set include - Jacket, Shirt, Cardigan, Skirt, Panty, ribbon, Tie and Socks
Shoes: Maryjane - Black
Wig: Bang Straight- Khaki brown
ETC : Makeup, Box, Coushions

Blue Fairy glamorous Body Measurement

*height : 60cm
*head : 9-10inch
*arm : 17.5cm
*chest : 25cm
*waist : 21cm
*hip : 28.5cm
*leg : 37cm
*foot : 7cm
*foot width : 3cm
*hand : 4.5cm
*neck : 9.5cm

Please make sure that any exchange or refund is not allowed for following reasons;

- Color of wig can be changed without notice depedning on supply status of the wig.
- Final price can be changed according to the selection of option items.
- All the raw materials can be changed without notice depending on the supply status.
- Bilateral symmetry of head or body will not be perfect since all dolls are the handmade products.
- Tiny dots, scratches or parting lines may exist on the surface of dolls.
- Color difference even between same colors may happen depending on the production time.
- Color may vary depending on your monitor setting.

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